And the mosquitos disappear. Day 70

This morning mudslide left camp early because he wanted to get into town as soon as possible to get back out again. He didn’t bring enough food to get him to copper mountain where I’m heading tomorrow to meet up with Nate and Becca again. He’s going to resupply for a day of food and then get back on trail and catch me at some point tomorrow. Hopefully he brings party saver along too. I decided to sleep in a little (again) and only got going at 8:30. That’s ok though cos I still did my 20 miles.

It was a beautiful day today. Most of the hike was downhill so I didn’t need to stop too much which was great because the were so many mosquitos for the first half of the day. I got up to Tennessee pass, which is where mudslide would’ve hitched into town and suddenly the mosquitos stopped. That meant I was able to put my sleeping mat out for lunch and have an extremely pleasant hour long lunch break.

This afternoon was the tough part, a big climb over to copper mountain. My aim was to get 3/4 of the way up and leave the summit and downhill for the morning. I’m happy to say that even though it took me a while I’m now almost at the top and only have a mile off uphill left before I can cruise downhill and meet up with my friends!

View from my tent tonight


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