don’t rush me! Day 63

This morning we are heading back to the trail. For some reason I felt so stressed out and worried. It might’ve been because I’m stressed out about the snow situation but I seemed to be moving in slow motion. I was also missing some food so I needed to go shopping again. Brian offered us a ride back to the trail but we had to leave by 11. At 10:45 I still hadn’t gone shopping and threw my toys out the cot a bit. In the end we stayed for the lunch special at Moonlight and Brian still have us a ride later that afternoon. Stressful situation averted! I think I was in a bad mood because my burnt leg was hurting and I want looking forward to hiking with the pain. But beer and pizza at Moonlight helped cheer me up! 

When we got to monarch crest store we stopped for one of their homemade enormous ice creams, maybe not the best thing to eat before hiking bit still worth it!

We only hiked 3.5 miles up to the monarch crest ski area before setting up camp. We set up camp in this small, flat tree lined area and got a fire going to chase away the mosquitos. I’ve found out that the mosquitos can’t bite through my pants which is amazing! I’m so happy about that!

We sat around the campfire for a bit and then went to bed. It’s good to be on the trail again!


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