Getting it back . Day 66

Tonight I’m not completely exhausted like I have been the last few nights. It’s great to feel like I’m starting to cope with these crazy mountains in Colorado.

This morning was a tough but beautiful walk up through a pass. We see so many other cars out and about, the active people of Colorado enjoying the weekend!

After lunch we had a huge climb to do up to 12 600ft. If been dreading it because I was certain there’d be a lot of snow. Thankfully though, I was wrong. The path was nicely maintained, there was some able but not excessive amounts and the whole thing was switch backs so it didn’t feel nearly as difficult as it should’ve. I was tired afterwards but not exhausted and the view was worth every step!

While we were relaxing at the top this cheaky little marmot came to say hello.
Then the other side was exactly what is been dreading. Tons of snow!

If you look closely you can see AJ on the slope coming down. That helps give you an idea of the size of that mountain. I glissaded down most of that slope which is definitely the highlight of my day!

After a few miles of heading back down we found a perfect spot to camp, under some trees with the last rays of the sun to warm us as it set over the mountain. But AJ wanted to hike slightly further. So we didn’t camp there. Instead we’re near a cold river on about the only flat mound of dirt we could find. The view is still incredible. And with that thought I say good night.

The cheeky marmot!


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