Movie time! Day 68

This morning we woke up in a bed, next to a window with squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies running around outside. Our new friends offered us a breakfast of banana bread and scrambled eggs. We chatted for a while about the politics of the world and we found out our hostess, Denise, used to be a English professor. Her speciality was film so while her and her partner took their dogs for a walk we watched a fantastic Italian movie about the cinema paradiso set in the 40s and 50s. 

After hitting up the local food truck outside, mudslide and I finally headed out of town saying a find and sad goodbye to our new friends.

Mudslide decided to do an alternate route that summited Mt Elbert, the highest mountain in this range at 14500ft and I continued along the regular CDT to set up camp where the trails rejoined. He had to hike 9 miles with 2500ft elevation at 16h00! I was tasked with filtering water so he’d have some when he got down. 

I reached the trail head at 17h30 and set up camp, I had the evening to myself to read and catch up on my blog. I also filtered 3l of water and brought along 2 extra from the nearby stream. Turns out it was good I did so! Mudslide arrived at the camp at about 21h15 and told me of 2 guys he’d meet on the trail who were behind him, one of whom was pretty badly dehydrated. We waited and waited until about 45 minutes later we heard them coming passed and mudslide went to offer them some more water. It’s pitch black out and they’re hiking to their car using the lights on their phones! Hope they make it there safely and get home in one piece. 


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