Oh that Colorado Trail! Day 69

So we’ve been hiking the same path as the Colorado Trail but today we saw so many people from that trail! Most of them are hiking North to south (from Denver) and we’re crossing paths now. We left camp really late this morning because we were enjoying watching all the day hikers and CT hikers come through. In the end we packed up at 9:30 to get on the trail!

Today’s hiking was relatively easy. Even though we climbed a lot, the trail is graded here and switch backs make the worst hills manageable. We climbed up 3 hills today reaching a high of 11400ft. None of it felt overly difficult and we still managed a 20 mile day, even with our late start. 

The terrain at the moment is so beautiful and the path so well maintained because we’re on the way more popular CT. It also means it’s not as easy to pee on the side of the trail cos you never know who’s coming!

tonight we are surrounded by mosquitos again. They are so persistent and never seem to sleep! This time though I boiled my water outside. It was tough!

Mudslide taking cover from the mosquitos


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