The active state of Colorado. Day 65

Today was a much better day for me. We had two passes to go over but they didn’t seem as impossible as that pass yesterday. It’s Saturday today and all the weekenders are out, all in ATVs.

We decided this morning to take a lower route that’s an option on the map. I’m so glad we did. There was a lot less snow and the hiking wasn’t easy but at least we weren’t searching for the path through snow drifts. We had to climb almost 1000m in elevation and descend all those metres too! It’s becoming a Colorado trend, hike up really high and descend, then do it all over again.

Bridges over the rivers! Amazing!

This evening we actually hiked over a bit of flat ground which was a real treat. We ran into cat water so the three of us are camping together tonight. It’s been a late night because my stove is acting up and took about an hour to boil 0.5l of water! I’m going to have to sort that out!


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