The universe will provide. Day 67

Early mornings before hiking out!

We have one mountain pass and 12 miles to get us into twin lakes today. Not impossible and a shower and bed are on the cards. The mountain pass was beautiful today. It was a hectic climb of 1200ft over 2 miles and I ended up having to take my pants off because of the intense heat and I hiked in my underwear! I was not expecting so much traffic on the route! Turns out there was a training camp for people running the Leadville 100 mile marathon in august and a bunch of them decided to hike the pass! 

Trail maintenance!

At the top we meet this couple who were so impressed with our journey, they unloaded all their extra snacks and supplies onto us, whatever we would take, mini waffles, home made energy bars, electrolytes and flavoured water! We willingly accepted!

The hike down was almost snow free and bouyed up by a crazy old couple we met who were hiking in rain coats and gives even though it was in the mid 20s (70s)! 

The river leading to twin lakes

AJ and I had a great time chatting away the time and pretty soon we were on the road. AJ (or mudslide now) walked the road but I decided to hitch, it was only 2 miles but a 2 miles I didn’t want to road walk. In town I met up with party saver and Roswell and a got a 6 pack and sat under some trees to celebrate and wait for mudslide. 

3 other hikers joined us later and it became a real hiker party! When I eventually decided to find a room, the inn was full and the other places too expensive! I was so upset! All I wanted was a bed and a shower and now it seemed I’d have to go to the outskirts of town with everyone and camp! They were all planning on resupplying in Leadville, another day’s hike but twin lakes was my resupply.

 While I was telling mudslide how upset I was, a local couple walking their dog overheard and offered us a futon in their house! It was an incredible moment and we willingly accepted! They even fed us their left over dinner of fish and asparagus and let us do our laundry. I feel so lucky that we ran into them, they really made the day perfect.


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