Greys summit!

Today I reached the highest point on the CDT! I’ve summited greys peak! The day started off pretty well. I slept at 13 600ft which I think really helped my body adjust to the altitude. I hiked off this morning with a spring in my step. It also helped to know that Nate and Becca would be picking me up at the trail head at the end of it all so I had a shower and warm bed to look forward to. 

Once again it was a morning of up and down as I continued walking along the ridge. I think that it’s so much harder because a lot of the time there’s no trail and it’s a straight up and down ridge and often over scree and loose rock. I met up with some other CDT hikers that had descended to the valley because of the storm yesterday and had climbed up that morning. I’m glad I stayed on the ridge, even though I think it was a tougher route.

As I got nearer greys I started to see all the people, the were dozens of them! Streams of ants heading up!

The ants in greys

At the top I met up with some more CDT hikers, kinda sitting a bit apart from the rest. I didn’t stay too long up there, I’d been seeing the view the last couple of days anyway so I got the photos and then started to head down. Becca has to get to work that afternoon so she could only pick me up at 2pm, I had 2 hours to walk 4 miles. Definitely doable but I had to be down before she arrived so I didn’t make her late for work. 

The view from the top
Greys is on the right

It was a pretty easy descent and I passed a lot of day hikers. Respect for the day hikers, they haven’t had as much time as I have to acclimate! I got down pretty quickly, meet up with Nate and Becca and they brought me to their house for a shower and pizza night! The perfect end to an incredible day!


One thought on “Greys summit!

  1. Looking good! Well done summitting Greys Peak. Your whole family is very proud of your accomplishment. Lots of love from all of us.


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