The day before

Today has been an awesome day. We’re back on the trail after the incredible break with Nate and Becca and it felt good. We had to get back up on the divide but it was such a graded walk that it hardly felt uphill until the very end.

We only went 11 miles today because we had a late start, as we usually do from town. Nate dropped us off at the trail with a promise to meet us on the mountain that night to camp. Him and Becca were going to drive up as far as they could and then hike the rest and meet us.

At one point during the hike I noticed that we were doing an incredibly long switch back and if I cut directly up I saved a mile of hiking. What I didn’t plan on was the guys taking a break at the turn of the switch back and waiting for me. They never break at points like that and I was expecting them to break at the top. Mudslide waited about an hour for me before continuing.

After those switch backs I was pretty much at the top and when I didn’t see the guys I assumed they’d kept hiking on and were just way in front of me. I was wrong about that unfortunately.

In the end, after a fantastic ridge walk, I got to the point where we were meeting Nate and Becca and no one was there. I hiked a bit further and party saver caught up to me. He told me that mudslide had waited for me and had even hiked back a bit to see where I was. The two of us got camp set up and a few minutes later Nate and Becca arrived. Mudslide took another hour to get to camp! :/

Nate and Becca came armed with hot dogs, beer and potato salad! Unfortunately because we were on the ridge we didn’t have firewood so we ended up coming over a little camping stove. It was great though and a perfect evening with an amazing sunset from the fire raging not too far off. 

Tomorrow is a big day, climbing Grey’s, the highest point on the CDT.


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