27 miles into town. Day 82

Today is all downhill into town. There’s 27 miles to get into Grand Lake and I’m going to try do it all today and hopefully run into the guys there. Also it’s the day burning calves said she’d get into town and I want to be there when she gets in. I just hope the trail is in good condition and the weather holds.

It rained all night last night so my tent is completely soaking wet but that’s ok if I get to dry it out in town. The morning is beautiful with mist between the trees and smells fantastic after all the rain.

The first section of the day is in the forest and even though it’s raining on and off it’s nothing too heavy and annoying, though the miles seem to be going by really slowly. I’ve worked out I need to do just over 2 miles/hour to get to town by 7:30 which gives me enough daylight to sort myself out. I really have to push. It’s easy though when there are views like this.

Rain makes a pleasant change from the sun

After the forest,I reach the first of 3 lakes that I’m passing by today. There are so many people day hiking along this lake and it’s just stunning here, even with the intermittent rain.

I met some forest service workers and they told me the weather is supposed to get better throughout the day which will be a nice change from the previous days! Now that I’ve got the lakes I’m below 9000ft and I can feel my energy flowing back into me. I can hike fast again and I’m not out of breath after every hill. It’s incredible the change! And the sun is out. I’m gonna let the photos speak for themselves here.

Now that I’m lower I’m cruising and I actually get into town at 17:30, way earlier than I expected! When I arrived in town I saw a message from Nuthatch saying the guys had hiked out the day before. My heart sank! Then a few moments later a message came through from mudslide saying he was day hiking and would be back in the afternoon. I was happy again! I couldn’t get hold of him because his phone is acting up. I had no idea where he was in town or of he had a room so I sat in a coffee shop and got hold of burning calves who was just outside of grand lake and was going to hitch in. I could meet up with her at least. While I was waiting for her to get into town I thought I’d look for a room. This town is so expensive! The cheapest room I could find in this horrible motel was way out of my budget! While I was going from place to place this really generous guy who’d seen me walking around town told me he had a small cabin he wasn’t using and offered it to me for the night. He told me he couldn’t stand seeing anyone stay in the motel I was about to book into. Gratefully I accepted and asked if burning calves could stay too. He said the were 4 beds in it so it wasn’t a problem. At that point burning calves arrived in town so I went to meet her and mudslide got internet and we were able to chat. We all met up for dinner and I was able to proudly show them I place we’d secured to stay for the night! That night we all collapsed into bed and slept really soundly. I didn’t even get the name of the guy who was letting us stay in his cabin!


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