Below 10 000ft. Day 80 and 81

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday partly because I was wet, cold and miserable and partly because I forgot. Yesterday was always going to be a tough day. I looked at the maps and knew there was a lot of summiting of mountains at high altitudes. It started out pretty tough, Stanley mountain was ahead of me and though it wasn’t very long it was high and I’ve realised that over 11 000ft I don’t function very well and what is a small uphill can take me ages to complete. Well Stanley mountain took me ages to complete. 

After that I had Mt flora to climb. She goes all the way up to 13 000ft. It was all good and pleasant until I was about 30 minutes from the summit, then the thunder started. I began making pleading requests to anything out there that might be listening and it seems something heard. The storm held out as I hastily got to the top, crossed the crazy long ridge line that lead down and managed to get into the shelter of some trees. I knocked up a temporary shelter using my ground sheet, expecting it to be over soon, as most storms are. An hour later the rain had subsided enough that I could continue. I got about half a mile before it started up again, this time with even more feriousity. Luckily I was by a more dense set of trees that I ducked into but the rain was coming down in torrents. In the end I rushed to put my tent up in the rain, and succeeded in only siding the ground sheet and fly sheet. The tent I was able to put up from the inside, thankfully!! Everything was completely soaked. It was only 17h but I was not going anywhere else. I changed into dry clothes, cooked some food and went to bed, probably all by 7:30!!

So many wild flowers coming out

This morning I woke up bright and early to the sun shining. Thank goodness! I got ready leisurely and let everything dry off a bit. Today was going to be tough because I didn’t get in nearly as many miles as I’d wanted to the night before so I was gonna try push it. First I had to climb James peak at 13 300ft, over 3000ft in elevation gain! It was hard, especially near the top, which took ages to reach bit it was also a special moment. I don’t think I’ll be going that high again on the CDT! The rest of Colorado is 12 000ft or below and likewise for Wyoming. (I’m pretty sure). 22.5 miles for the day and I’m done!

The top of James peak

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