Day hikers! Day 79

Today I got back into the trail after 2 wonderful days off hanging out with Becca and Nate. I did as little as possible besides a yoga class and some resupply shopping and it felt great. I’ve been getting a bit tired of being on the trail and also I think putting a lot of pressure on myself to hike a lot of miles and keep up with the guys. This has been wearing me down and I needed some time to revive. The guys have gone ahead and hopefully I’ll meet up with them in the rocky mountain national park in a few days. For now I’m hiking on my own.

Becca dropped me off at the trail head today and I was just surrounded by day hikers! There were so many people out and about which I think is great but I’m also so spoiled with having the trail to myself! After a few miles however, the day hikers became less and once again I had the trail to myself. It was a tough start to the hike with a big uphill to get back onto the divide and things went rather slowly. 
Pretty much as soon as I got up the weather started coming in and I got nervous about potential lightning while I was on the divide. I looked around but there weren’t any really good spots to go down, the sides are pretty sheer. Thankfully all I got was a few drops of rain before the wind blew the clouds away and the sun came out again. What a relief!

I racked up a good 12 miles this afternoon and have found a perfect little flat spot to camp for the night, just below the divide. Tomorrow I’ll start seriously hiking again and I hope to reach the guys in 3 days time. Also burning calves will be coming back to join us as she’s finished her section of the AT now


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