Rocky mountain national park. Day 83

This morning we finally got properly introduced to Bob, the owner of the cabin. His family has had property here for a few generations and he said he’d rather have people in the beds than leave them empty! Such amazing generosity! When he heard we were hiking the rocky mountain national park he offered to give us a ride to the trail head. It’s a 25 mile loop through the park that’ll end us back in grand lake.

It was such a beautiful hike, not too tough which was good for burning calves who still needs to acclimatise to the elevation. We saw a moose! My first moose on the trail and also a majestic elk!

Back on the trail together again!
We had incredible weather all day and I was on a hiking high the whole time! It was just a wonderful day! So happy.

When we got back into town Bob invited us for a campfire and s’mores after we’d had dinner. We had a great dinner in town and cane back to a roaring fire and s’mores laid out with raspberries and wine. So civilised!

We enjoyed a couple of s’mores then had to excuse ourselves and head for bed. It had been a long day and I was completely exhausted! I think today has been my favorite day on trail. The perfect day.


5 thoughts on “Rocky mountain national park. Day 83

  1. This does look like the perfect day! You are looking super super fit my friend!! Makes sense with how many miles you are hiking each day. 🙌


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