Why do people say life is short? Its the longest thing you ever do. Put into the context of one lifespan then sure life is the longest thing you ever do. But what about in the context of what there is to do and achieve in the world. Then, yes, life becomes extremely short. Sometimes when I think about all the things I would like to do in my life I become slightly overwhelmed to the point of inactivity. There are so many options, choices, places, jobs, experiences. How do I choose which are the most important or which ones I’ll enjoy the most? Surely there’s no way I can backpack through South America, road trip through Australia, canoe through New Zealand, walk the Appalachian Trail, cycle across Europe, take a train trip across Russia, fish in Thailand, learn new languages (French and German in particular), teach English, teach maths, be a hiking guide, become a mountain guide, climb the Matterhorn, be the best at everything! These are just a few of my goals in life at the moment, and I’m sure that as I experience more, I’ll find there are more things to experience. I am no different from an average person beyond a burning desire to do as much as I can in my lifetime.


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